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About Platon®



PLATON® is an all-in-one IP-PBX solution for your business operation. It’s a PBX system which connect all your Extensions ( Business Phones ) in your office. Including all the features on tradition PBX system, plus advanced features of 21st  century’s IP PBX system. You can connect PLATON to your existing PBX system or simply replace it with PLATON. 


Developed with open standard

PLATON based on open standard, and run industry standard. Compatible with most IP phone product in the market. Including Snom , Polycom, Linksys, Cisco etc. and works with your existing IP equipments.


All-in-One infrastructure

PLATON is a standalone system. It’s very simple to deploy and could run on its own. No windows server required. Secondary system could be setup for large scale telephony network. PLATON is truly a “deploy and operate “ system with nearly zero maintenance require.


Automatic Provisioning

A fully working system can be installed in minutes. The system automatically detects and registers new Snom IP Phones in the network, then runs its configuration options on an easy-to-navigate web interface


Analog Adaptation

Existing analog lines can be easily integrated into your digital service. Just plug them into your hardware and let the phone gateway take care of the rest.




PLATON® Web based GUI interface

Allows administrator to control and monitor the VOIP system in an easy way. No more waiting for elecom professionals. And no more text based commands. Everything is just pick and click.

Administrator can manage users, dial plans, IVR etc... Everything about a VOIP PBX system, are on user friendyinterface. It’s secure and powerful. And no client software required on monitoring unit.



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